Vacumn sewer system

Design and Engineering, Construction, Equipment and Maintenance of Equipment for residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial installations.
  • Goulds, Barnes, Myers and Franklin Electric Lift Stations equipments with PLC control panels.
  • FLOVAC: European advanced vacuum drainage system, totally ecological and odor free.

Why use FLOVAC Vacuum Sewerage System?

  • FLOVAC has over 30 years of experience in vacuum technology.
  • FLOVAC has more than 200 systems installed worldwide.
  • FLOVAC are experts in minimizing environmental pollution associated with transporting wastewater.

The FLOVAC Vacuum System is better than gravity drainage when projects have:

    • Varied topography.
    • Sandy soil.
    • Rocky ground.
    • High water table.
    • Sea, lake or marsh areas.


  • More space available to develop.
  • More economical.
  • Fewer manholes and other structures.
  • Shallow excavations with very significant difference in cost.
  • Quick construction.
  • Safe work area.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Performance and economy in change of direction in the pipeline.
  • The FLOVAC System is a leader in Vacuum Industry for its low cost maintenance.
  • On average, in a system of 100 valves installed annually, just 5 may require maintenance.
  • It requires only one operator.
  • Electricity is required at the vacuum station, thus avoiding the installation of a large number of pumps and the consequent problems.


  • Planning and Design.
  • Empty station.
  • Supply Pipe and Fittings.
  • Records (Valve Pit).
  • Construction Supervision Area.
  • Delivery of the system in operation.
  • Training.
  • Technical support.
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