When special circumstances demand that the effluent is almost drinkable, we use the German system based on Aquacell® Technology of membrane bioreactors. This is an ultra, high quality system,The Aquacell® systems use ultrafiltration membranes MicroClear ® , which gives the following advantages:

  • The effluent exceeds European spas for water requirements as well as the German DIN 19650 Class 2 .
  • The effluent is free of bacteria and viruses. However, disinfection equipment is installed with UV light, for full safety.
  • Compact system that takes up little space.
  • Low power requirements.
  • Does not use chemicals.
  • High strength and integrity of the membrane through a laser patented welding process.
  • Control by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) .
  • Remote monitoring by GSM and data transmission by e- mail.
  • Uniform pressure across the membrane and collecting the filtrate.
  • Fine bubble aeration for self-cleaning of the modules and low power consumption .
  • The diffuser system does not need to be cleaned with chemicals.
  • Faster flow between flat membranes for optimal filtration efficiency.
  • Sustained flow of 30 l / m2 - hr to less than 4.5 PSI ( 0.3 kg / m2) pressures.
  • Removable modules for simple and quick cleaning.


• Homes
• Bungalows
• Hotels
• Tourist Resorts
• Motels
• R.V. Parks
• Residential Subdivisions
• Condominiums
• Offices
• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Gas Stations
• Shopping Centers
• Sports Stadiums
• Public Parks and beaches.
• Light Industries
And more...

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