Water Purification

Design and Engineering, Construction, Equipment and Maintenance of Desalination and Water Purification Systems for residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial installations.
  • PURE AQUA: Desalination System Reverse Osmosis purifies sea water or brackish water .
  • PURE AQUA, NIMBUSTGI: Reverse Osmosis water purification network or well .
  • PURE AQUA Y PENTEK: Ultrafiltration systems for drinking or for effluent treatment plants sewage water.
  • TROJAN UV Max y Sterilight: Advanced water sterilization system by UV light .
  • OZOMATIC, OZOTECH y PACIFIC OZONE: Water sterilization system with ozone.
  • EXCELTECH: Chlorinators and de-chlorinators .
  • PURE AQUA, SOFTCLEAR, AQUOR: Water softeners.
  • Scalewatcher, ScaleNet: Water hardness control without using salt. Corrosion protect equipment and piping.
  • PURE AQUA, PENTEKFILTERCLEAR, AQUOR: Sand Filters , Activated Carbon and Multimedia. Online, self-cleaning or cartridges.
  • FRANKLINGOULDS, STA-RITE, MYERS: Centrifugal Pumps , Injectors , Vertical , Multistage , submersibles , Crushers, Deep Well , High Pressure.
  • BIO-TANK: Tanks Manufactured in Fiberglass Reinforced (FRP).
  • AQUAWARDSIMPLEGREEN D: Products for purification and sanitization.
  • DELTA: Cooling towers.
  • ROCLEAN, LAVASOL, OPTICLEAN: Cleaners for Reverse Osmosis Membranes.
  • VITEC, SPECTRAGUARD: Antifouling for Reverse Osmosis Membranes.
  • TITAN ASD, BIOGUARD: Membrane Pretreatment chemicals.
  • PULSATRON, GRUNDFOS: Metering Pumps for Desalination.
  • ELKAY: Drinking fountains and coolers.
  • Supervision and monitoring.
  • Repairs and maintenance .

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